Sunday 14 November 2010

Friday to Sunday November 12-14, 2010


The last couple of days have been sunny and beautiful (once the sun warms up) and this morning was no exception except it was only -3C (26F) when I went out for my walk this morning. Gordon took some photos at sunrise this morning of ice forming on the water. I'm surprised since it warms up to 10C (50F) during the day.

Gordon's photo of ice forming on the Rideau Canal
 We just hung around the house today and didn't do much of anything. Gordon spent most of his time on the computer and I went between the computer and reading.


Today was another beautiful day and we almost made it to 20C (68F)! People were walking around with shorts on. Of course up here they wear shorts when there's snow on the ground but that's only a select few. I had a great walk!

I've been having trouble with right heel pain, probably plantar fasciitis. I've been doing the exercises recommended but it's not helping much. It will be okay for a while, then I'll stand up to walk and it's hurting again. I have inserts in my shoes. I just might have to break down and seek some medical help.

Anyway it was too beautiful to stay home so this morning we went out to do more research on cell phones. I think we've decided to go with Rogers. They seem to have the best deal for what we want. Then to Zellers to buy a mirror for the bedroom. I like a full length mirror and we have been doing without one.

After that we took off for a drive to Kemptville. It's only a short drive away 37 km (23 mi) but I hadn't been there for years. It seems to be a pretty happening place. Lots of stores have been built since I was last there and the downtown area seems to be thriving. Most people who live there work in Ottawa.

I saw where they're building the new Walmart and we drove all around the town, stopped and had lunch by the Kemptville Creek but no photos taken. It's a pretty town in a way but not a photographic spot.


I was sick all night last night. Between my heel pain and my sick stomach, it wasn't a good night. This morning I gave up my walk and just stayed in bed. My stomach felt a bit better when I finally got up late this morning.

Another day of hanging around the house napping and reading. I did manage to get my hair coloured. I wanted to get it done today so the timing works out do get it done again just before Christmas.  My stomach has been iffy for the most part this afternoon. I had some rice crackers and a mug of beef broth.

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  1. I hope you're all better by now. I worked almost all day on the trip. What a great time we'll have. I'm so looking forward to it.


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