Monday, 11 October 2010

Monday to Wednesday October 11-13, 2010


Today was a pretty low key day. I had filled in my ballot for the Municipal elections so my morning walk took me to the post office. In Smiths Falls, Municipal voting is done by mail.

After that, I filled in some documents for social security that I'll need at the U.S. Embassy tomorrow. Then did some cleaning and laundry.

I had cut up some of our gluten free bread and left it out to dry to try to make my own stuffing since El Peto's was not worth the $5.79 it cost. I used butter, onions, chicken broth, some seasoned salt and sage. I also had a chicken breast that I had bought a while back so that went in the oven.

I finished a J.A. Jance book that I started yesterday. It was easy reading but I had figured out who did it about half way through.


It was an early morning today as we headed in to Ottawa to go to the U.S. Embassy. Traffic in the city was horrendous even though it was after 9 a.m. by the time we hit the city so we wound up taking different routes and got downtown around 9:45 a.m. Gordon dropped me at the bank as I had to have part of the form for Social Security completed by them. That done, we headed to the Embassy where they went through purses, pockets and kept some stuff till we left. We were treated very well by Mary, the lady who looked after us. She photocopied all my documents for Social Security, will certify them and ship them to my caseworker in Ogdensburg, NY. So, hopefully, I'll be receiving my social security in due course.

We also stopped at Hog's Back Falls for some photos.

Hog's Back Falls

Rainbow at the Falls

On our way home we stopped at my sister's place and picked up more boxes of dishes and crystal. After we left there we had some sort of rattle in the car that we couldn't locate so when we got home Gordon took it to the Kia dealer. They finally found out what it was - the garage door opener - no charge! They are a great dealership!

While he was gone I watched a couple of TV shows that I missed on Thursday night at the cottage and read some and I think I had a nap!


It was another beautiful sunny but chilly morning for my walk. Someone wasn't paying attention and I almost got hit crossing the street. I saw the look on her face when she realized I was there. I was crossing in a crosswalk area and I have no idea why she didn't see me - not paying attention?

Gordon decided today was a good day to go to Jones Falls Locks. (There are four locks.) So, off we went. It's a very pretty area and I think I like these locks the best of any we've seen so far. It's definitely a pretty setting. There are also trails around there.

One of the locks at Jones Falls

Along one of the trails

Hotel Kenney at the Locks - We thought we might spend our 20th anniversary here. Unfortunately they close on October 25th.

How many hotels do you know that hang their sheets on the line?

Stone Arch Dam

Stone arch dam at Jones Falls - completed 1831

At 61 feet, the dam was the highest in North America in its time

This is what is left of Jones Falls after the Dam went in. It's now called a weir.

On our way home we took some photos along the road.

Old barn in scenic setting

An old shack by the marsh

The Anglican Church in Portland, Ontario, a very pretty setting

This afternoon I went out to pick up a few groceries. That's about it!


  1. LOVE the barn pic!!! Very quaint... and amazing that hotel hanging out it's sheets! Too bad you can't stay there for your anniversary. Sure sounds great to slide between line-dried sheets.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Beautiful fall scenes in Ontario!

    Hmmm, I love sheets hung out to dry!
    Probably saves them from being ironed!

    What a shame they won't be open for your anniversary! Looks like quite a very nice hotel!

    Good luck with your Social Security app!

    We're in Salina, Kansas heading for Texas Panhandle. Thankfully the weather has been sunny and clear! I don't want to witness any tornadoes through this area! LOL

  3. I am still in awe over the lovely scenery you have around there.
    Great pictures, Thanks, Penny, TX


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