Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday June 8 & 9, 2010


To see the photos that Gordon took of Danica's graduation ceremonies and the aftermath, click here.

It was a low key day for us, both really tired. I had to go out and get some groceries. I'm also looking for a clothes hamper that will look nice in the bedroom since that's the only place I have for it. Sears has an assortment of bamboo hampers (if they have them in stock) but I'll check out some other stores first. The ones Walmart has are plastic or canvas and aren't what I'm looking for. When we had the house I had found a really nice wicker one at Winners so I'm hoping that when I go to Ottawa on Wednesday I might find something. Right now I'm using one of my collapsible net laundry hamper that I used in the RV. Not really very esthetically appealing but okay for hauling laundry down to the laundry room!


I was up and ready to leave for Ottawa this morning shortly after 9 a.m. My first stop was Ikea and it took about an hour to get there. I was disappointed. They didn't have the magazine rack that they used to have that I liked and the cord cover for our bedroom TV looks like a gray vacuum cleaner hose. All I bought there were some steak knives.

From there I went to Bayshore Mall. I was still early to meet Najat for lunch. I worked with Najat at the last place that I worked before I retired, Breconridge. She has been off work as she had an operation on her back but is returning on Monday.

I stopped first at HomeSense and found some laundry hampers but they were all round. I don't want round. I went to Winners but they don't have that sort of thing anymore probably since they own HomeSense and it is just downstairs from them. Guess I'll have to order from Sears. The good news is it says on sears.ca that they are in stock.

Then off to Moxie's for lunch. Najat had invited Sue who I also worked with to come as well so that was a surprise. Moxie's were very accommodating for my food sensitivities and I wound up with a salad with sliced chicken on top. Najat paid the bill as well. Thanks, Najat!

Back to my shopping after lunch. I got some coasters at HomeSense and a meat thermometer as I found out when we went to Nancy's that mine no longer worked.

I was also stopping at Nancy's to pick up some of our stuff that she found when packing up as I hadn't seen Max forever. When I got there, Nancy was home. Today was one of her compressed days so we got to have a chat and I got lots of doggie hugs.

Back on the road, a bit less than an hour to get home as I was coming from Kanata. It's nice driving through the country, very little traffic!

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