Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday June 22 & 23, 2010


Unlike yesterday, today's humidity was 73% and the temperature was only 21C (70F)! I was out for my walk earlier than normal today as we had plans to go into Ottawa.

Gordon had browned some pork tenderloin last night so I put it in the crockpot with some leftover canned veggies and a package of onion soup mix.

We headed out for Ottawa around 10 a.m. and stopped at Gordon's friend, Leroy's house. Leroy is our 'Mac' person. Gordon was looking for a commercial grade 2 TB hard drive which Leroy had. While he was there I hit a couple of grocery stores looking for a specific product but didn't find it.

After we left Leroy's we stopped at Best Buy and Future Shop as Gordon had his eye on a camera and he wanted to price it before going to his favourite camera store, Henry's. That done, we stopped at Home Depot to price vanity counters then on to Henry's. Gordon dropped me at FabricLand as I wanted to look for a blue and yellow fabric for chair cushions and a tablecloth for the dining room. I didn't find anything I liked but Gordon came back with a camera!

Gordon's new pocket camera

The only two blue/yellow/gold fabrics I could find

I didn't think this one would stand up to chair cushions

And this one was too loud!

Since it was nearly 1 p.m. and I had a gift card for Swiss Chalet we went there for lunch! Yay, I don't have to cook dinner tonight. The crockpot can go back in the fridge for another day.

Then we stopped at Natural Food Pantry to pick up some gluten free bread and also bread mix. Since Gordon hasn't been eating corn tortillas, he's been eating more bread. All symptoms point to a possibility that he's developed a sensitivity to corn.

On from there to stop and see Max. He was glad to see us and vice versa. He's such a funny dog, he almost purrs when you rub his belly or scratch his ears!

Max was happy to see us!

A short stop at Walmart to look at camera bags and we were on our way back to the beautiful little town of Smiths Falls!

We just got home when it started to rain and the temperature dropped quite a bit.


The day started out with 93% humidity but it was still around 19C (66F) so it wasn't too bad for my walk. There was quite a breeze blowing which I was thankful for.

This morning I got some cleaning done, my least favourite thing to do. When I was working when I started making enough money, I always had someone come in every two weeks but now I can't justify it. Lifting that central vac hose around isn't a lot of fun! The one in the RV is shorter and lighter but this is an old system. I expect the new systems have lighter hoses and cleaning wands.

Gordon got some of the half assed work that the previous owner did on the front porch fixed this morning. It looks much better. They have the front porch and steps covered with black indoor/outdoor carpet which has badly worn and the steps are crumbling, something else to do! I'd like to take the carpet off but I'm scared of what's underneath. He also took down the Christmas lights. Half of them weren't working anyway. They were put up with bits of string and shoelaces. Not very attractive!

We went out this afternoon and Gordon found a camera bag for his new camera. While out I got some more photocopying done to send to the Immigration lawyer and some other errands run.

We had just gotten home when we felt something that was like a big truck going by. A few minutes later I found that another lady that I used to work with that lives here in Smiths Falls felt it too. So we decided it had to be an earthquake. Then news started popping up on news sites that it was indeed an earthquake and a pretty strong one to boot. Here's the link.

This climbing plant is growing on our garage. Can anyone identify it? We thought it was clematis at first.


  1. I wondered if you felt the earthquake. I hope it didn't do any damage.

  2. Gordon has such an impish grin showing off his new toy, I mean, camera!

    Having a corn sensitivity is difficult, as nearly everything has HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in it, even no-fat half and half. You think you are buying something good, and find they have sweetened it with HFCS.

    I hope he finds out that he doesn't have that sensitivity.

    I didn't know you had earthquakes there, be careful with your crumbling steps, next quake might take them out!

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. I wondered too if you felt the earthquake. We did- it was kind of cool, as I was reading with my class.

    I can't ID your plant- not enough home-owning experience yet. :)


  4. Sandra - The plant in your picture is known as Virginia Creeper. When the berries ripen they attract birds. Alfreda Leister Ohio

  5. Sounds like you are settling into home ownership just fine and I'm with Penny on Gordon's grin with his new camera.

  6. We have that same Virginia Creeper here as well. I intentionally planted it a few years ago to grow over our sheds, etc to give things a vine covered English garden sort of look. It fits in quite nicely with our growing jungle & it serves it's main purpose of blocking out the neighbors!! That new camera of Gordon's should fit quite nicely in a shirt pocket for sure.

  7. OK now after seeing that kid with a new toy grin, and knowing that if it is up to Gordon's standards for a camera, it must be really good. I ordered one for myself!!

    I found out that the ZS5 is on the top of the most popular list, and the ZS7 is tenth even though it has only been out for a short while.

    In reviews most folks complain that the battery costs too much and can only be the exact replacement from Panasonic. Various other complaints include the proprietary USB connection forcing the use of Panasonic's cable. But other than that most things were really good.

    So count me as on board, LOL!!!


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