Monday, 22 February 2010

Monday February 22, 2010-Truck Fixed/House Showing

Thank goodness Gordon has felt a little better the last couple of days so he was able to go and deal with the truck problem with Capital Dodge. We would rather deal with the Dodge dealer in Smiths Falls but it's just too far away when it's an emergency type problem. Nothing like this has ever happened with the Smiths Falls dealer so we're not very happy with Capital Dodge right now. Let's hope that the fix is done and we won't have any more repercussions.

I didn't walk first thing this morning the way I usually do. Instead I waited for Gordon to come back and took off then. It was nice walking later as most of the people are off the street at that time. When I walk the sidewalks are full of kids walking to school or waiting for buses and adults also waiting for buses, more cars on their way to work etc. I should think about walking later.....

I got an email from Nancy early this afternoon saying it looks like her house will be going on the market so I started to clean up the storage area where most of our boxes from the RV are located. She came home from work early so we got a lot of clean up done, not that it was dirty by any means. So now it's ready except for last minute stuff when there's a showing. Most of you have been through that!

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  1. Good luck with all of that sorting, cleaning, moving boxes and so on. Don't let those school kids scare you off! LOL


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