Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wednesday October 14, 2009-Getting Stuff Done

It was another cold, cloudy morning when I went for my walk. The thermometer read 3C (37F). I walked down to the Lake through the park models and came back along a path that goes through a marshy area. It was a nice walk because I was dressed for it.

The beach

Our row in the RV park

An old shipwreck in Lake Erie just off the beach

The path coming back from the beach

Ducks in the marsh

I saw this dead Monarch butterfly on the road

Our row from the other end

After breakfast I got the vacuuming done. I had been putting it off due to my back but the back problem has resolved itself so it was time to get it done.

I had located a couple of laundromats in Port Colborne, the nearest town to where we're located so I decided to get the laundry ready and take it with us. We found the Colonial Laundromat and Cleaners on Main Street. It was clean and there was someone there which I like as it is also a cleaners. It looks like his wife runs a small travel agency at the front of the store too. It seems that washing in this area is now at least $2.00 per load so I decided since I liked the look of the place to get it done. While I was doing that, Gordon went to the Mall and got a haircut.

After I was finished we drove around town a bit, checked out the other laundromat (not as well kept) and then came home.

I have been asked why we don't just get a washer/dryer in our rig. There are three problems with that, number one being that where the W/D would go is Gordon's closet. The number two problem is that our home park at Carleton Place does not have sewer as such. Our gray water is piped into the ground and a W/D would cause an overflow problem. The third problem is that we don't want to tow the extra weight around. Since we spent 4 or 5 months at our home park in the summer, it's just not worth it to us.

Once home I updated our expenses spreadsheet (not pretty) and read a bit.

Now we're having a relaxing evening.

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  1. Michelle11:13 am

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I'm glad to hear your back is feeling better. Whew!


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