Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tuesday May 20, 2009

I was up early again this morning due to appointments in Ottawa. However I wanted to go on my walk this morning being my first morning back at Tranquil Acres. When I stepped out the door it was starting to rain but I decided to carry on. It didn't amount to much. It was nice to have some flat land to walk on for a change so I also got some running in. I didn't have much wind left after climbing that hill at our previous campground.

We did get some rain later in the morning.

We headed out to Ottawa for my appointments around 10:15 a.m. Gordon was going to get a haircut while I was at the periodontist. I packed a lunch as I only had an hour between appointments. When I arrived at the periodontist office the door was locked. Never had that happen before, I knocked-no answer, I phoned-left a message, I went next door, they thought he didn't work at that location today so I called their Orleans office and guess what? My appointment is for tomorrow at 11 a.m. A senior moment?

So if the periodontist appointment is tomorrow, is the mammogram appointment also tomorrow? I tried phoning but couldn't get through so we drove over there and they couldn't find my appointment in the system. This was not shaping up to be a good day. But they booked me for 1 p.m. anyway which was my original appointment time.

So we went to First Choice Haircutters and Gordon got his hair cut, then we had our lunch and was back for my mammogram. Ouch! That hurt! Glad that's over for another year.

After that we headed to our chiropractor. We didn't have an appointment but he was able to take us both right away so we're all cracked up now.

Then we stopped at Andrew Hayden Park for some photos.

Keeley Falls

Lighthouse on the point

We saw lots of goslings but this family had 18 of them!

One of the paths in the park

On our way back to Carleton Place, we stopped at our RV dealer, Vos Trailers Ltd. to make an appointment to have our water pump looked at since it hasn't worked for about four months now. We have a couple of other things to get looked at as well so our appointment is set up for that.

Then we stopped at Dwyer Hill RV. They used to be an RV park but have switched to a parkmodel park so we wanted to see what the deal was there. You buy your park model and pay them rent for the land, currently $395/month which includes property tax, water, road maintenace etc. Kinda high, I thought.

The rain stopped shortly after noon and by the time I came out from my mammogram the sun was out and we reached 24C (75F). It turned into a beautiful day!

When we got home I sat outside for a while and went next door to meet our neighbours as we're both here about the same time. They were here last year too. It was such a nice afternoon to be outside!

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  1. Sherri and I are going through all the doctors we can find...Maybe in a month or so we will be released to travel ...HE HE


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