Wednesday, 25 March 2009

About Poche's Fish N Camp & A Visit to the Rookery

Morning-70F (21C)
Afternoon-77F (25C)

We slept with the windows open again. I was listening to the radio before I got up and the forecast was for rain 'heavy at times' and when I got up it looked like rain was imminent but I set out anyway and didn't go far from the RV. It started to rain after I was out about 15 minutes. I was close by so didn't get too wet. It rained off and on and we had some sunny spots here and there.

Don't know why but my allergies are really acting up today. My eyes are so blurry I can hardly see. I've used a variety of eye drops and taken some Sudafed but nothing seems to be working. It's very annoying! I had planned to be doing some beading but it's hard to do with blurry eyes!

One of our fellow rv-dreams chatters has requested some campground information. Poche's Fish-N-Camp is a nice campground here at Breaux Bridge. It's out in the country so it's quiet and has four fishing ponds that are stocked. If you have Passport America and Good Sam the cost is $125/wk. We only have Passport America so the cost is $135/wk. which still isn't too bad. I don't know their cost for a month. Passport America is good Sunday thru Thursday so you pay full price on Friday and Saturday. It's about 5 miles into Breaux Bridge and there is a Superwalmart there as well as a Winn Dixie and a couple of other grocery stores. It's 15 miles to Lafayette which has some major shopping and has a population of about 110,000 or so. The campground has tengo internet that you have to pay for, laundry facilities, a swimming pool and they stock quite a bit of foodstuffs at the office. Some of the sites are paved and some are gravel. The gravel ones aren't necessarily level so you'll need some levelling blocks. Poche's also has a restaurant a couple of roads over that I've heard is pretty good. It's advertised on their site. To go to their site, click here. They also have cabins for rent. There are a number of birds that hang out around the ponds but most people seem to fish that stay here. Lake Martin is also about 1/2 hour (11 miles) away if you enjoy photography or birding.

This afternoon we went back to the rookery and I got to walk on the boardwalk as last time I was there it was closed. The boardwalk appears to be brand new and I don't remember this part of it being there when we were here in the Fall.

Little blue heron in the swamp

Night heron in the swamp - there's a ton of night herons here, more than I've ever seen before

This is the new boardwalk through the swamp

Dragonfly on the boardwalk

Egret and his reflection

Two little alligators on a log

Little blue heron in the swamp

On our way home we drove down a side road that the lady in the office had told Gordon was a pretty drive and indeed it was. Here 's a photo.

We had a fair amount of sun this afternoon and no rain where we were but I think that is about to change.......

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  1. Sandra thanks so much for that information. I am not sure that was in answer to my request from all the Dreamers out there but it is good to have some information on CGs in different parts of the the country. Prices and what there is to see will help folks that are on the road to different destinations. We all need as much help as we can get.


    Joe and Sherri


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