Thursday 12 February 2009

Our First Day at MISP

Low-57F (14C)
High-79F (26C)

We had a little bit of sun, a little bit of cloud but very little wind today. We had two beach walks as well, one just after sunrise (for me). Gordon was out before sunrise. Then we both went out this afternoon.

Sunrise photos

Shells and sponges

A gull in the morning light

Condos in the distance

Afternoon photos

Looking toward the beach from the campground - it's over the beach grass and the dunes

They plow sand here with a grader like they plow snow at home

One of the little scurrying beach birds

Met this guy on the beach...and he followed me home!

Fishing in the Gulf

Pretty clouds over the dunes

This is the smallest Airstream I've ever seen!

I had a visit today from a lady who reads my blog. Her name is Esther and they are camped just down the way from us. They're from Alberta but she is originally from Ottawa.

After Esther's visit, Gordon and I went in to Corpus Christi to find a Superwalmart and we did find it although not thanks to Miss Pinky. She took us in a roundabout way but then couldn't get us to the location but Gordon found it anyway. We need to update our maps so we need a really good constant connection to do that.

We had dinner at Taco Bell and then home for a quiet evening.


  1. great pictures. Interesting that they "plow" the sand.

  2. Love the photos. We have had the same problem with our gps. We also need to update the maps. She (gps) sure comes in handy some days and then there are those others when you want to throw her out the window and drive over her....oh well...sometimes there are interesting finds on those wrong turns and lost ways.....

  3. Oh, golly, Sandra, you need to be careful about guys that follow you home!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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