Wednesday, 10 September 2008

New Stores for Carleton Place!

I was slow getting up this morning because I was cold. I had put the electric blanket back on the bed and I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't come on. Turns out I didn't have it plugged in right so I won't freeze tomorrow morning!

It was only 7C (47F) when I got up shortly after 8 a.m. I bundled up for my walk along the Appleton Side Road.

After breakfast I piddled around and read for a while and I think I had a brief nap. Then I took all the canned goods out of the pantry to see if I needed to get any at the store. Looks like we're ok there for a while. Then I updated our receipts on my spreadsheet. Doesn't look like this will be a good month especially since we're taking the RV in for service next week.

After lunch I went to check out the new Superwalmart. It's ok but not up to US standards. Of course, Carleton Place isn't a big city either. It was adequate and I managed to find nearly everything I needed. I also stopped at Dollarama which is an absolutely wonderful Canadian dollar store where everything really is only $1. Then on to Home Depot and Rona looking for a jewelry crimping tool which I didn't find. They didn't have one at Walmart either. For those that don't know Rona is the Canadian how to store. I still have some new stores to check out here but that will wait for another day. A lot of building has gone on in Carleton Place since we were here last summer and all the stores I was in today I'd never been in before.

Then back to the RV park. I timed it just right as Gordon was out taking flower photos so he
got to open and close the gate for me. It's nice when someone is there to open and close the gate otherwise you've got to get out of the truck, open the gate, get back in the truck, move to the other side of the gate, get out of the truck, close the gate, get back in the truck and move to your site. Usually if there's someone out walking around even if you don't know them, they'll open and close the gate for you.

Being exceptionally lazy today I have borrowed my photos from my photographer husband. One is of a cormorant in flight over our Mississippi River and the other is the office with lights.

Looks like our high for today will be 18C (64F).


  1. There was a locked gate like that to go through to get to my place up on the hill. But the gate was up a winding raod quite a way from the people's lots. That's what slowed down the Fire Dept, when my house was burning. So a gate can be a good thing and a bad thing.

    Gee, it is chilly there. Wanna trade ? No, that's OK, our turn for that weather will come about January, when you are all covered in snow.

    And you are not an 'old fart'.

    I wish I could see some of your Canada.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Gordon has what it takes...Pictures are too pretty. Like Penny Joe and I wish we could be there with you guys...until the snow comes...we don't do snow. LOL

    Sherri and Joe


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