Sunday, 26 October 2008

Leg 3 of our Southern Journey - Sherkston Shores, ON to Delaware, OH

We've arrived in Delaware, OH. We left at 9:20 this morning and arrived here at about 3:45. Except for the wind it was a good trip. We had to stop once to get some fuel that we probably wouldn't have needed if we weren't driving into the wind.

We started out with sun, after crossing into Ohio it got cloudy and started to rain. It rained for a while and that eventually turned in to sun so we arrived here in sun but it's still windy. We reached a high of 63F (17C).

It's a pretty boring drive. The trees are pretty much past their prime but here's a few shots I took.

Fields of grape vines in NY state - lots of wineries there

We cross from PA into OH around noon

Here's our site

One of the rows in the park

An empty site with a few trees behind it

This morning we got a shocking email from Gordon's sister in Cincinnati. Her husband Rick had a heart attack yesterday morning and had to have 3 angioplasties with 2 stents. She expects he will be home on Monday. They sure don't keep you in the hospital long anymore for any reason!

Gordon is very tired after the long trip and needs to rest so we'll spend a relaxing evening with me watching Desperate Housewives.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! you're in the US! I'm so glad all went well. I'm so sorry about Rick, we'll remember him in our prayers. Insurance won't pay anymore for people in hospitals for very long.

  2. Welcome to the USA... Glad you made it. So sorry to hear about your bil. Will keep him in my prayers.

  3. Sandra, glad you made it back to the USA. Prayers for Gordon's brother. Safe travels,


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