Wednesday 14 May 2008

Chores and Lime Kiln Trail

Today started out bright and sunny but pretty windy. I went for my walk and instead of staying on the side road that the campground is off I walked back along Prince of Wales Drive. It's only two lanes at this point but it's busy!

Morning traffic

This morning my job was to get the laundry done so I got that together. Gordon went out to get a drill bit he needed to finish up his job getting the bathroom vent back in and the motor replaced. He was also looking for strap wrenches so he can get the sewer hose apart. He wasn't gone long and got at his jobs right away. I finished up the laundry around noon and he finished his jobs shortly after that. We now have a working fan after over two months!

Gordon decided that since his job was done that he wanted to do something fun so away we went to walk the Lime Kiln Trail. It wasn't as pretty as the Jack Pine Trail, nor did it have any critters. We did see some ducks, lots of robins and redwing blackbirds and a few butterflies but no squirrels or chipmunks. Lime Kiln Trail has some historic significance in that in the 1800s the lime kiln was actually used and lime sold to factories and farmers. It started to cloud up just as we were heading out to walk the trail but it was a nice walk anyway.

Pink Trillium

Wild lilacs in bloom

Really big White Trillium

Lime Kiln

Lime Kiln Trail

Today was also the maiden voyage for "Pinky" our new GPS. She did very well once human error was corrected. We even took some incorrect turns and she was able to get us back on track. I still haven't done any geocaching and tomorrow is a full day so we'll have to see what Friday holds at this point.

When we got back I made a pot of stew as it's supposed to be cooler over the next few days with some rain forecast for tonight.

We reached 24C (75F) today so it was a very nice day until the clouds came in.

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  1. Nice trail! This goes to the Lime Kiln I suppose? It so prety there where you are. I wish we had that trail here. We have to walk a busy street to get to the river... it is nice down by the river.

    Joe and Sherri


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