Sunday, 9 March 2008

I was up this morning before 7:00 a.m. Although Daylight Saving Time came into effect last night Arizona doesn't do DST so now I'm confused as to what time it is where!

Our plan for today was to take I-10 East to east of Tucson and pick up SR83 south to Sonoita, then SR82 through Patagonia to Nogales. It's a scenic route along the Santa Rita Mountains. We stopped often to take photos.

When we reached Patagonia we were getting hungry so we stopped at a restaurant called Home Plate for breakfast. It was a really good breakfast but pretty expensive too - a cup of coffee was $3.00 and our breakfasts were $6.75 each. I also took a few photos around the town. I thought the name of their local pizza joint was funny (see photo below).

The Home Plate

From there we continued south to Nogales then took I-19 to the artsy little town of Tubac. It's an interesting little town full of art galleries and shops of all kinds. If I still had a stick house...... Lots of very pretty things.

The very pretty Mexican poppies.

These hand painted sinks were selling for $120 each!

Then we just headed home. We were both tired so I lay down on the couch and read and had a nap.

I'm really tired this week. I think we're just trying to pack all the things we've missed into this week before we leave.

The end of another beautiful day in the life of a retired fulltime RVer!

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