Tuesday 26 June 2007

More Ottawa Appointments

Reasons to get up at 7:15 a.m. today:
  1. Hot, hazy and humid for my walk
  2. We had appts in Ottawa
  3. Prevent another headache like yesterday’s

It was 22C (72F) when I got up this morning and very sunny but hazy. I walked for my ½ hour but it didn’t seem like I went that far. I had to come back and get ready to go to Ottawa.

Lenscrafters called yesterday to tell me my glasses were in so that was our first stop. Then I had made a chiropractor’s appointment so we did that and Gordon had a dentist appointment this afternoon. Other than that we stopped at Rainbow Foods and got one of the Gluten Free bread mixes that we tasted last Saturday and a Gluten Free pizza crust. After the dentist we stopped and picked up a couple of items at the grocery store and then headed back to Tranquil Acres.

When we got back I sat outside for about an hour. There was a breeze but it was still pretty hot at 34C (93F).

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