Thursday 19 April 2007

More Family Visiting

More Photos of Luke (below)

This morning was mostly sunny and 44f (7C). Across the road from the campground there’s a road that goes south so I walked along it this morning. It has more of a shoulder than the one I walked on yesterday.

Late this morning we went over to Michelle’s but she had called to say she had to go out so we went to a new store near them called Whole Foods Market – quite expensive, I thought, then went to Taco Bell for lunch.

This afternoon, Gordon’s sister, Carol drove up from the Cincinnati area to Michelle’s to see the kids and Michelle and visit with us as we didn’t stay very long in their area this time. It’s always good to see Carol. She has a very positive outlook and besides that she reads my blog every day (almost).

Although it was cloudy most of the day, the temperature did reach 65F (18C) and the sun came out late in the day.

We stayed at Michelle’s for dinner (and an excellent one it was) and Eric arrived home after two days of being away flying executives around the country. We got back to the RV around 7:30 p.m. – very tired!

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