Monday 19 June 2006

Just Hangin' Around

Granddaughter, Faith holding grandson, Luke

Granddaughter, Grace holding grandson, Luke

Tonight's rainbow

Very cloudy this morning and humid. It eventually started to rain and cool off.

We hung around the RV today with Mel and Janice and Janice and I got some laundry done. Gordon and Mel did computer stuff. Mel was using our wifi. Late in the afternoon, Janice and I took off to do some grocery shopping. I took her to see our former house and we hit a few stores as well. We got back just as a thunderstorm started with lots of rain. The power went off a couple of times and we had a really nice rainbow, photo above.

Above also are more photos of the grandchildren sent by stepdaughter, Michelle.

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  1. These are such cute pictures! The girls are so pretty and sweet holding their baby brother.


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