Monday, 30 January 2006

Beautiful Day in Mesa!

When we arrived on Saturday we were to go to the office on Monday at 8:30 a.m. to get registered. So we showed up but were told that the office computers had locked up and to come back later.

Since groceries were the next on the list and Gordon wanted to do some more scouting for photos, we went to the WalMart on Apache Trail where he dropped me off. I got groceries, finally got my watch band resized and got my blood pressure reading to keep my doctor happy.

When Gordon got back from his scouting trip, we had coffee at the Subway at WalMart, then came back and unloaded the truck.

After putting groceries away, we headed back to the office but they were closed for lunch so we hung around, finally got registered and paid. While I was waiting I noticed they are having a “Canada Day” potluck on February 4th so I signed us up. More food!

It was such a bright, sunny and warm day when we got back to the RV, I put together my new folding table that I bought at WalMart to go with our outside chairs, sat outside and read and yes, again took a short nap. I spent about 1 ½ hours in the partial sun. Gordon had put the awning out but it didn’t keep all the sun off me so I lathered up with sun block. Then I took a long walk around the park looking for a photo to take to put on my blog. So, today’s photo is of the swimming pool and spa. I may spend some time there tomorrow as it’s supposed to be another beautiful day and even warmer than today.

We had a treat for dinner tonight. Gordon got out the BBQ and cooked chicken breasts. It’s been a long time since the BBQ has been out as by the time we eat dinner it’s usually too dark. They were yummy!

Now it’s back to the internet and TV for this evening.


  1. Hi Sandra,
    I'd like to say I am envying you your lovely weather, but it was 8 C today in Toronto which is more like late March than late January, so overall we;re getting away with murder here. :)

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my latest blog entry. I would actually like to be a writer full-time, and have finished one novel (on my second blog) and I am in the process of working on three other ones at the same time. Well, when I'm not teaching, that is.

    I hope you're having a grand time, and that you'll have a fantastic "Canada Day" potluck on the weekend. Give my regards to Gordon and enjoy yourselves!


  2. Can I ask why they are having a Canada Day celebration in February?!

    Ohhh, look at that heaven!! I'm very jealous!!

  3. Hi Mary Beth, how's the new job going?

    I think they are calling it Canada Day to honour the Canadians in the park. I would hope they know it's not really Canada Day!



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