Monday, 18 September 2006

A Nothing Monday

It was cloudy and fairly warm on my walk this morning. I didn’t really feel like going as I’m still not feeling all that well but I went, then went out and got some errands done so this afternoon I’ve been resting. I still feel achy and my throat is sore which usually means my GERD is acting up so I’ll be increasing my Nexium today. Don’t think that has anything to do with the achy feeling though.

I have been keeping my fruit outside in a hanging basket but Gordon had to bring it in early this morning as there was a little raccoon that was trying to help himself in the wee hours. I guess I’ll have to keep it inside until we’re out of raccoon territory. In the southern US, you see RVs all the time with fruit hanging from them. I had put it outside as we were getting fruit flies and they are really annoying!

Nothing else to write about for today. Hope I feel better tomorrow.

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