Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Happy Birthday to Michelle, Lots of Errands and Dinner at Pleasant Point!

Betty and Garth on their dock at sunset

Our name plaque is finally up!

Misty morning on the Scugog River

Happy Birthday Michelle! Gordon’s daughter turns 30 something today so he called her this morning to wish her well. Their son, Luke (almost 4 months old) apparently wasn’t thinking of his Mommy when he woke her up about twice last night!

Busy day today! I started out by getting up about an hour early. There was a possibility that we would be going for a boat ride but it all depended on the weather and Betty was to call me around 8:15 a.m. I looked outside and it was foggy. Not a good sign for a boat ride. Gordon was out taking photos so I walked around the park and took some as well and then went on my walk. I was back in lots of time for the phone call. No boat ride today – 70% chance of rain. I had no sooner finished the call than it did start to rain but it didn’t rain much. So, tomorrow is supposed to be a nicer day so we are going to try for our boat ride tomorrow.

I called this morning and got our medical appointments set up for next year for our annual physical, got a dentist appointment for me for next week and called Brian Sanderson at Sanderson Insurance to get our US travel insurance.

Since tomorrow is sort of planned and I wanted to get laundry done, I packed up the laundry and headed to the Laundromat. After that was done, I stopped at a First Choice Haircutters and got my hair cut. I again thought about getting bangs and again decided against it. It’s taken so long for them to grow out that if I decide I don’t like them, it will take another 3-4 years to grow them out again. Then I went into Lindsay and got our US medical insurance cards from Sanderson Insurance as they are located here in Lindsay. This is the same company that had our insurance last year and they paid up for my hospital stay in Cincinnati and it was the same price as last year. But, you have to be stable with no changes in medication or anything for 6 months. I’m ok (at least at this point) but Gordon started another medication in June so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed there. If you’re not stable for 6 months, you’re not covered (for that malady). Then I stopped and got some more groceries and came home.

When Betty and I were out shopping yesterday my back started to bother me again. I’ve been hearing things about how to wear a backpack properly for the school kids lately on TV so wondered if my purse might be creating a problem. I started carrying it in my hand and my back was much better. So, I’ve shortened the strap and hopefully that will help. If not, I’ll have to think about downsizing my purse. After about 50 years of carrying a purse that has everything in it you need, that would be very difficult.

We arrived at the cottage just before 5:00 p.m. and went for a walk down by the boathouse as Betty said their blue heron had returned. We did find him but he flew off just as we arrived. We had a really nice dinner and showed Betty and Garth some photos of the grandchildren as I had taken my computer over to show them information on a condo they hope to rent for two months this winter.

We got home around 9:00 p.m. Lights out! Tomorrow will be another full day!

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