Sunday, 11 June 2006

Slow Sunday

Another cloudy day but no rain since last night. It was really cold when we walked this morning though. Felt like winter with the wind. I actually slept till 8:00 a.m. today. The girls must have tired me out yesterday! Today was the only day until Wednesday that I could get the laundry done so got that together and was done by around noon. It’s more expensive here to do laundry than anywhere we’ve been - $2.00 to wash and $2.00 to dry.

After lunch I was really tired so lay down to read and fell asleep for a couple of hours. The sun came out late in the day. Sure is nice to see it.

Photo today is of Bib relaxing on the couch.


  1. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Hi. I'm a regular follower of your blog, but have been a lurker until day. Our dog passed last week and we are looking to get another. We are considering other breeds and I would like to know what type of dog Bib is. Thanks.

  2. We bought Bib from a groomer in Hull, PQ 12 yrs ago. He had no papers and they would not give us any parental info but he was advertised as a poodle. He has poodle lines but his muzzle isn't as pointed as a poodle and his hair isn't as curly but he still doesn't lose his hair (which is what we wanted). We think there's some cocker spaniel in there but he's a pretty good dog. He's wimpy and doesn't like loud noises or kids but he wasn't brought up around kids other than my niece and nephew which he saw occasionally. Spoodles are supposed to be good dogs.


  3. Anonymous10:43 am

    Thanks Sandra. I actually thought he might be a cockapoo. We had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that lived to be 9 1/2. I think your Bib has a spaniel influence too. He's just the right size dog for traveling.



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