Sunday 4 June 2006

Back to Mer Bleue

Mer Bleue Boardwalk

Evergreen tree with reddish blooms

Two turtles on a log


Since we got some sunshine today, we decided to go back to Mer Bleue and walk the boardwalk. So shortly after lunch, away we went although there was some cloud in the sky. We took the dog as it was cooler today and decided we could leave him in the truck. I put the windshield protector up so the sun wouldn’t come in. He wasn’t happy about being left and started to howl. I said that when we came back the Humane Society would probably be there and take us away for leaving him in the truck however on we went!

The first part takes you through the marshes and eventually you wind up in the forested area. That’s where you get attacked – by mosquitoes! Needless to say when we reached that part, it didn’t take us long to get out of there. I had sprayed with Off before we left and they don’t usually bother me too much anyway but they really like Gordon’s blood! All in all, the one kilometer walk only took about half an hour complete with photography. Other than some red winged blackbirds, we saw a couple of little turtles, photo above but no other wildlife to speak of.

We did see some interesting evergreen trees with what looked like little buds on them. I don’t know if they are some sort of cone but some trees had reddish ones and others were more pinkish brown. A photo is above of the ones with the red buds. There were also lots of white birch and the smell of peat especially in the forested area.

On our way back, we stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some Sprite which was on sale today only but they didn’t have any and Gordon didn’t want to try another store so we came home.

Not much else happening today!

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