Saturday, 12 January 2008

An 'At Home' Day

It was another lovely bright sunny day here in the desert again reaching 70F (21C). After breakfast we went for quite a nice little walk, ended up on the 1/2 mile trail then walked back through the trail that goes within the campground and down to the birding station taking photos along the way.

Here I am beside yesterday's funny looking saguaro. You can see it's tall but not nearly as tall as some

Yesterday I showed an ocotillo flower on the ground. Today's is on the plant.

I filled up the hummingbird feeder this morning, still no hummingbirds but the gila woodpeckers were back. Gordon put more birdseed out on the ground too but I didn't see any takers and Gordon said he only saw a squirrel.

I made a few bracelets when we returned from our walk and did some reading while having my lunch. Had a nap and Gordon went out for sunset but I stayed behind viewing it from our rear window.

Tonight was another very pretty sunset.

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  1. I'm convinced that Usery Mountain has the best sunsets of any place we've ever been. Looks like you think so too.



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