Sunday, 13 January 2008

Another Day At Home in Usery Mountain Regional Park

Today was another day that we never really got around to doing much. I went for a nice walk this morning just around the campground, sat outside in my chair, read and watched the birds.

We actually had some humming birds come to the feeder today. Gordon took the little ladders off the hummingbird feeder so he could get photos of the hummingbirds hovering and/or he thought it would deter the woodpeckers from drinking the nectar. But the woodpecker just wrapped his feet around the little drinking spout and balanced himself as usual with his tail on the bottom of the feeder. At least he got photos of the hummingbird hovering.

That was pretty much it for our day today so I thought I'd comment on Sitemeter.

Sitemeter is a free program that you insert into blogspot via 'Add a Page Element'. It provides information on the traffic on your blog. It also tells you the where the people that visit your site are from (city, state/province, country). Note there are some exceptions like those that use It provides a world map and with dots shows you where people live that visit your site, how they arrived at your site (via in and out clicks which show the links), a traffic prediction for the future, and bar charts that show visits over up to the previous 12 months. You also get a weekly report by email showing what traffic you've had for the week.

Now if someone could tell me how to get an RSS Feed set up so people could subscribe to my blog. I've looked on the internet but it's all Greek to me (instead of Geek).

I've added some more blog sites to my 'Sites to See' list. Note that not all of them are RVers.


  1. Sandra,
    I believe that using Blogger automatically provides you with RSS feeds and anyone can subscribe to your blog. I do :) I use Google Reader and added you easily a couple months ago. I read you from North vicariously through all you already out there. We're stuck here until 2010. Thanks for letting me ride along :)

  2. I don't claim to understand it, but I used, just entered what they asked for, then copied the HTML they gave me to a sidebar spot (like you did with sitemeter) and gave it a name. Seems to work...LOL!


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