Friday, 11 January 2008

Back to the Fleamarket

The plan for today was to go to the Mesa Fleamarket again. We were both going to go but Gordon got an order for five photos so he had to stay home and wo$k. So I took off by myself and spent the morning there. It was cold there this morning and I only had on a short sleeved T-shirt and my jean jacket (and my jeans, of course). I had planned to buy a new sweatshirt anyway but as soon as I bought it, I put it on.

It was already 55F (13C) when I left at about 9:30 a.m. so don't know why it was so cold there, it didn't seem cold last time. I picked up a few other things. I'd been looking for those single hangers that have a clothespin attached to them. I like them for hanging stuff up in the shower. Walmart used to have them but no longer do so I got three of them, also some sunglasses and some Watkins beef mix for making soup.

After I left the fleamarket I noticed just east of there a very large outdoor shopping mall on the corner of Signal Butte so I drove through but didn't stop. That just may warrant a return.

I had written down the address for JoAnn Fabrics the other day as I wanted to see if they had any beads that were reasonably priced. The closest one was on East Main so away I went to find that. I found it without a problem but their assortment of beads was uninspiring and expensive. From there I stopped at Bashas and picked up some gluten free cookies for my husband as he hasn't had cookies for ages and they're often hard to find.

I got back and had Gordon fire up the barbecue to cook some pork chops I had purchased the other day to add to a stew I decided to make. So I got the veggies peeled and the stew on, then sat outside for a while listening to the woodpecker. I think he was asking where the bird food was as we hadn't put any out today. Next thing I knew he was hanging from the hummingbird feeder again. Gordon got a good photo of one hanging on the hummingbird feeder yesterday.

Since the stew didn't have enough time to cook in the crockpot, I made baked chicken with crumb coating (gluten-free) with baked potatoes and creamed corn for dinner.

The sunset was bright going down but after the sun was down it fizzled entirely.

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  1. Sandra, That new Walmart on Signal Butte opened while we were there last winter. It's a much nicer store than the one on Apache Trail. I see the Mesa Fleamarket hasn't changed much. Your visit there is bringing back all those memories! By the way, I like the additions to your blog page. I've added a few more blogs to my list!



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