Monday, 7 January 2008

Rain Rain and More Rain

It rained so hard this morning that we lost the internet for a bit. What’s with all the rain that we’ve been having in the desert? Really weird!

Needless to way, no walk again this morning and our plans to go and visit a couple of the other Regional parks in the area got quashed.

I got ambitious after lunch and since we've been doing really well on our gray tank conservation I decided that I'd better get the refrigerator defrosted. It badly needed it. I think the last time I defrosted it we were still in Ontario. It took quite a while this time as the frost was pretty heavily layered. I also took out the shelves in the fridge and washed them. So another tedious job done!

We had a brief period when it wasn't raining so I went out and took some photos of the fog over the mountains and water drops on the cactus. Other than that I read and made bracelets.

We had another period of no rain around 4 p.m. so this time I managed to get my sneakers on over my wrapped foot, it was a bit of a tug but I made it. I was able to walk much better with the wrap on inside the sneaker. I walked around the park a bit to look at the sky and the birds. There were a few other people out walking too glad that the rain had stopped at least for a while.

Dark sky with no mountains in sight.

Here's the rain in one of the little washes just behind out site.

Note the fog partially masking the Phoenix sign on the mountain.

Here's a little bird on a saguaro. Couldn't get close enough to identify him.

This is one of our neighbor's dog. He's a very large dog. They have a tent but the dog is always outside. I wonder why?

Our high today was only about 53F (12C). Just as a matter of record it was 52F (11C) in Toronto today and 45F (7C) in Ottawa.

We had a decent sunset tonight but I already had the card out of my camera so didn't bother with any photos of it. So another night in the rv-dreams chatroom.

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  1. Anonymous7:31 pm

    We find that an electric hair dryer speeds up the defrosting considerably.
    Fred & Jo


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