Sunday, 6 January 2008

Rain, Birds, Interesting Skies

I heard rain on the roof when I woke up this morning so I stayed in bed about 10 minutes longer. I decided not to walk but looked outside and saw a bird feeding frenzy where Gordon had put out birdseed. There were even some quail. They're the ones below with the little plume coming out of the top of their head.

I sat around most of the morning reading blogs on my computer and doing some general net surfing hearing the rain on the roof on and off, sometimes heavy, sometimes not.

By early afternoon it started to clear up and the sun came out. I went for a walk, not very far taking some photos. My sister from Toronto called and I sat outside at the picnic table and talked to her for a while. They are going to NYC on Wednesday for a few days and have tickets for Regis & Kelly on Thursday. Unfortunately that's the day we have to move so we may not get to see it.

We had an interesting sky this afternoon and Gordon had gone out to climb Merkle Hills again (he's done it often since we've been here), when he came back we drove over to the Superstition Mountains to take some photos of the mountains and the sky and then north on Apache Trail. It started to cloud up again so we turned around at the Weaver's Needle Vista and came back.

I had some things to drop off at Goodwill so we did that on our way back. We stopped at the guardhouse on the way back to let them know we'll probably want to stay longer and they said to come back Thursday morning before 9:00 a.m.

Unfortunately the interesting skies didn't give way to a lovely sunset but you can't have everything!

This evening I watched the last episode of Desperate Housewives, at least the last one that's in the can with the writer's on strike and then finished out the evening in the rv-dreams chat room.

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