Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Sunshine! Road Trip!

I woke to a beautiful sunny day, finally! I did a short walk this morning.

Today we decided to go to Cave Creek and Lake Pleasant Regional Parks, round trip somewhere around 140 miles so I packed a picnic lunch. We arrived at Cave Creek which is northwest of where we are at Usery Mountain around noon and looked around the park. They don't have as many RV sites at Cave Creek but they are paved sites with the same sort of yard that we have here. Our sites here are pea gravel. Here's a view that I took of the area.

They also have horses for rent here. We saw these horses going on a tour of the trails. Look closely, they're there!

The scenery isn't as nice as it is here at Usery Mountain but it is close to a pretty little artsy town called Carefree which we passed through. All of the town is southwest style architecture. I forgot to take any photos of the town. Overall, we weren't impressed with Cave Creek Regional Park itself but we did have our picnic lunch in one of their picnic areas. Here's Gordon at the picnic table.

Then on to Lake Pleasant. This looks like an older park. Although it does have a lake and the lake with the mountains in the background is fairly scenic, the RV sites are small, not level and a lot of them you have to back up a hill. So I think we'll be happy to stay where we are as long as there are sites available. I'm glad we went though, it was a nice outing!

This is the new dam that they built at Lake Pleasant.

An interesting saguaro cactus ( a really skinny elephant?).

There's a lot of green on the ground around Lake Pleasant. It looks like grass but I'm not sure it's not a groundcover of some kind. Strange for the desert.

This is a design in the wall along State Hwy 101. They have such pretty designs along their highways here. Even their overpasses are pretty. They also use gravel in different colors and patterns to decorate the banks along the sides of the highways.

On our way home we stopped at Basha's, a local grocery store to pick up a few grocery items.

We had quite a nice sunset tonight. It was pretty with the setting sun shining on the desert plants.

Our high today under sunshiny skies was 63F (17C). A pretty nice day but I would like a bit higher temperatures.

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  1. Sandra,

    Thanks for the report on Cave Creek Park. Our granddaughter Monique may be coming to visit in March. Her number 1 interest is horseback riding. Nice to know about a place to take her, as we will probably stay at Usery.


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