Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Housework and Lots of Birds!

Today was another glorious sunny day. I did go for my walk this morning but was only out about 15 minutes as I knew I would be on my feet a lot today. Here's Pass Mountain just after sunrise (well, a while after sunrise).

And the desert in the morning light.

Note this morning I also updated my blogspot site under Sites to See. This is most of the ones I'm now reading on a daily basis.

The plan for today was to get the laundry done. I had looked on the internet last night for laundromats and found three all of which I've seen on various outings around the area. There is one called the Lost Dutchman that's out in a basically residential area off the Superstition Highway which is the continuation of University Avenue so that's where I went. It was clean with lots of new machines, had a washroom and a person on site to give change if needed. It wasn't particularly cheap but I haven't found laundry to be all that cheap this winter unlike previous winters.

When I finished the laundry I headed over to the Walmart on Apache Trail to get the rest of the items I hadn't purchased yesterday. I never seem to get out of there for less than $100! I did notice that they have a spa there and do pedicures for $20. I've never in my whole life had a pedicure so I'm thinking about it.

On my arrival back at the RV, Gordon had put out some bird seed so I scared them all off getting out of the truck. I put the groceries away with my husband's help (he's responsible for bringing them from the truck to the RV), put the clean sheets on the bed (again with Gordon's help) and then decided to sit outside since it was so beautiful and deal with putting the laundry away later.

Gordon put out more bird seed closer to where I was sitting and there were flurries of little birds everywhere, photo examples below. It was quite entertaining watching all the birds and one little Harris's antelope squirrel (a type of ground squirrel) which is about the size of our chipmunk at home only much darker in color.

House finches in the ocotillo

Gilded flicker

Doves, house finches & other little brown birds

More pretty little house finches

I came in around 4:00 p.m., put the laundry away and went and had a nice long hot shower at the shower house.

I've been coming across quite a few blogs of people with celiac disease. One good one is Fab Grandma. She has lots of others under 'Blogs I Read'. There are also quite a few gluten-free recipes. It's always interesting to come across more information on celiac disease and helpful to me for finding something different to cook. Now I just have to read the recipes!

Tomorrow we have to move, hopefully just within the park.

For Gordon's synopsis of the past couple of days, click here.

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