Saturday, 14 February 2009

Cloudy, Windy and Cool

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. It was a quiet one for us. We had lots of fog and cloud again here at Mustang Island State Park. The temperature this morning was 65F (18C). I decided not to take my camera on my walk this morning. I don't think this weather is good for cameras. Instead I took my radio and listened to the Corpus Christi Oldies station. They have a really good one.

It was cloudy all morning. I had seen some surfers down by the jetty this morning so Gordon went out to get some photos. I had a nap.

After lunch, we had a little rain and the wind started to come up. I spent some time talking with Dee from the rv-dreams chatroom on Yahoo Messenger and John on Facebook.

This afternoon I got restless so we went in to the Leonabelle Turnbill Birding Center, then to Paradise Pond, another birding place, then to Robert's Point Park and then the south jetty. Lots of fisherpeople out even though it wasn't all that warm. Sure was chilly out on the jetty even though it was 65F (18C) but cloudy and a bit windy.

Pretty flowers at the entrance of the Leonabelle Birding Center

Cute little grebe

A couple of coots

A tri-colour heron landed on the railing of the boardwalk right in front of me

This is Paradise Pond - due to the drought there's no longer any water in it so we didn't see many birds there.

Pelican giving me the eye. He had such a pretty soft-looking head.

One of the beach cars you can rent in town - they're expensive!

This is the south jetty - it goes way out into the Gulf so lots of people fish here

This pelican had a red marking on his face

Our high today was 71F (22C). It wasn't a very nice day but certainly better than it was at home.

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