Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Our Last Day at Goose Island

It was 67F (19C) and cloudy again this morning. I went back to the wooded campground and took the trail that joins the three wooded campgrounds, then walked part of Turks Cap Trail again. I rarely see anything there but I just like the trail. There aren't any trails at Mustang Island only lots and lots of beach!

It really looked like rain again this morning but decided to take my chances and although I felt a drop or two it didn't rain till after 10 a.m. and then not very much. It is nice to see that the frog pond has filled up again. By the time I got back to the rig this morning, the wind had picked up and it got really windy during the day. The forecast was 50mph gusts and I believe it. So we didn't do much, just hung around the RV. I read and had a nap.

The frog pond

Mid-afternoon we took a little driving tour around St. Charles Bay but there weren't many birds out because of the high winds. On our way out I took this photo of the water splashing up just past Stinky Beach. Then we drove into Rockport along the Fulton Beach Road, again not too much going on so we came home. I went for a nice hot shower in the nice showers here. Not looking forward to the showers at Mustang Island State Park!

Water splashing up on shore from the wind

Pretty pink wild flowers down by St. Charles Bay

Birds of a feather stay together out of the wind

One of the downtown shops
Colourful stores in the downtown area

I spent the rest of the afternoon planning the rest of our 'southern' six months and a proposed route to return to Ontario.

Water splashing up behind our rig late this afternoon

Our high today was 74F (23C) with very little sun and lots and lots of wind!

Thanks to Bill and Tom last night from the rv-dreams chatroom, our kitchen faucet is now back in working order. Gordon located the set screw and got it all back together this morning.

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  1. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Looks like the same weather system with high winds is heading our way. Good luck with your move. Keep in touch


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