Monday, 9 February 2009

Laundry, Groceries ......... NAP!

I woke up to cloudy skies looking like it might rain and 67F (19C). I dressed for rain but only walked/ran along the bay area as I had things to get done today.

After breakfast I got the laundry ready. I had changed the bed yesterday in preparation. Don't want to do too much in one day!

As I've mentioned before Rockport's laundromats leave much to be desired and I was going to wait until we got to Mustang Island to do laundry as I know there's a nice laundromat near Mustang Island State Park. However, we were running out of clothes so I bit the bullet and went to the laundromat that I went to two years ago hoping that things had gotten better. Well, they have but not a lot. There is now an attendant so no bums sleeping on the tables however the tops of the machines are still rusted off and if you don't put the top on just so it goes to unbalanced and no matter how you move your clothes around it doesn't help. Lots of washers and dryers are out of order and the dryers that do work have idiosyncracies. One of them has to be lit every time you put a quarter in it so you have to call the attendant and you can only put one quarter in it at a time. In fact most of them will only take one quarter at a time. Anyway, the laundry's done, the grocery shopping's done and I'm home again.

I turned on the air when I got home. We could do without it but the humidity is making things inside feel damp so thought it could do with some drying out. Apparently when I was out the power was off in the park as they were replacing a transformer over at the rec hall. It was back on by the time I got home. Timed that right!

View from our rear picture window

Logistics - how is the guy with the HDT on the right going to get in front of the fifth wheel to tow it out of there? That's one reason why we never park this way.

After putting away groceries, I lay down to read and take a nap. It was just too windy to sit outside, although we did reach a high of 76F (24C). We did have some rain while I was on my way in to Rockport but other than that it's been cloudy with sunny periods.

When I was doing dishes tonight the faucet came apart. Hmmm what do we do now?


  1. Tom Warfield11:20 am

    Assuming that little Casita and minivan are still there when they want to leave they will just have to hook up at a 90º angle. Not any worse than turning a sharp corner. Not something I'd want to do but it should be possible.

  2. So you broke the faucet...I have replaced many of those that women broke. They are not too hard to replace if Gordon can get to it. You can use a residential faucet.



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