Friday, 13 February 2009

Just a Laid Back Kinda Day

Low-67F (19C)
High- 73F (23C)

Today was a pretty laid back day. It was very foggy this morning and remained hazy for the day. I had a foggy walk on the beach. Gordon had gone in to Port Aransas to take photos at the Horace Caldwell Pier for sunrise. It's his favourite place here to take foggy photos.

Foggy sunrise photos

Seagull in morning light

A tent camper on the beach

Road going to the campground

Road to the beach

A bottle that washed up on the beach

I did the usual things, read both inside and out and spent quite a bit of time on the computer. There are a lot of Canadians here and someone stopped by to see where we were from while I was sitting outside. I spent some time this afternoon on Yahoo chat with Bill (The Shadow) of chatroom and uploaded some photos that I've taken to Facebook.

We were told today to watch for snakes. In December someone here found one under their rig. Not what I wanted to hear!

It didn't get too hot today but it was pretty humid so this afternoon I decided to take a nap, humidity makes me sleepy. It turned into a two hour nap and when I awoke there was a nice breeze!

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