Wednesday, 11 February 2009

We're At the Beach!

We got battered about by the wind last night. It was some of the worst we've seen since Carlsbad, NM four years ago. This morning was sunny, bright and calm although it was only 57F (14C) a 10 degree drop from yesterday morning but still not bad.

Photos of the pier at GISP just after sunrise

I went for a short walk this morning mainly to get some photos in 'golden' light. Then it was back to the RV for breakfast and to get ready to head out to Mustang Island. We did well with our tanks. Our gray tank was still registering 2/3 and the black tank was on full but still had a couple of days left to really fill it up.

We finally left the Goose Island State Park around 11:25 a.m. after dumping at the dump station. It was mostly sunny and about 70F (21C). We decided to go through Corpus Christi to get to Mustang Island instead of taking the ferry so it took a little over an hour. We were in our site here by 1:00 p.m. Sure glad we made reservations! They're full!

View of Corpus Christi skyline on our way through town

This roseate spoonbill was around to greet us near the office as we arrived at MISP.

While Gordon was setting up the dishes, I washed the windows. They were pretty dirty and had salt on them from being so close to the water at GISP. Then I vacuumed as I had cleaned the bathroom this morning before we left so we're relatively clean now!

We were finally set up completely including the satellite dishes by 3 p.m. so we went for a walk on the beach.

Our site

Seashell on the beach

Waves, sky and beach


The RV park - it's almost like a big parking lot but does have some grass.

The back to the RV to pick up our shower bags and headed over to the campground showers. Sure felt nice. Our high temperature today was 82F (28C) under bright sun. Feels like summer here! One of the nicest days this winter!

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  1. Having the showers there sure extends your stay. I guess you can still use yours some but just in short spurts. I know you will enjoy your stay there...any reason you prefered not to cross on the fairy?

    Joe and Sherri


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