Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday at MISP

Low-58F (14C)
High-67F (19C)

I looked out the window as I was getting up this morning, cloudy and dreary but no fog. It's days like this that I long for Arizona. You might have a cloudy day or two but you know the sun is going to be shining brightly soon. Here in Texas, you never know. We've had three weeks of this kind of weather at a time, not this year but in previous winters spent here. It looks like a couple more days of this cloud with a possibility of some rain. However, I still like Texas, just not today!

I didn't take my camera to the beach this morning. There were some fishermen out but not many people walking on the beach which is just the way I like it. I saw a fin swimming around the Gulf, sure hope it was a dolphin!

The rest of the morning and afternoon I spent on the computer, reading and a few times of my eyes being closed..... Also chatted on Facebook with Dee and Cat.

Sun came out around 4 p.m. Sure looked nice!

Today's photo I actually took at the south jetty yesterday. This great blue heron looked so funny with his feathers blowing in the wind. Reminds me of a bald man with a combover.


  1. Arizona is currently mostly overcast and only reaching 64 or so each day. We have had this weather for the last 5 days, and they expect it to be under 70 until next Thursday. Tomorrow, there is a big storm coming from the ocean over California, and it will snow in the altitudes above 2K. So enjoy your warm overcast, and we may warm up soon, we hope.

  2. I see the comb over too...funny. We have been having warm days too and really have enjoyed them so much. I would like to spend one winter in Arizona maybe on BLM to see what it is like.



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