Sunday, 17 August 2008

Last Day of 'Family Cottage Day'

Today was mostly a beautiful day. We had a few cloudy spots but lots of sun and a lovely breeze with a high of 27C (80F).

After my usual morning walk and breakfast we got ready and arrived at the cottage for our last day of 'Family Weekend'. When we arrived everyone but John was out in the boat but we didn't know John was at the other cottage until everyone got back. Garth owns two cottages side by side so all the visitors (except us) stay at the other cottage while the meals are done at Betty & Garth's cottage. We had lunch on their back deck and then did our annual cottage photos, this time in front of the cottage.

I wasn't fast enough to catch Garth's boat until it was by the dock.

The group with the front of the cottage in background.

I also got a photo of Nick and Becky. I hadn't published one of them yet this weekend. I also got to see most of a DVD of Nick and Becky's honeymoon that they had this past January in St. Lucia.

Everyone was leaving around 3 p.m. so we left as well so Gordon could get some rest. He hasn't been getting his normal naps the last couple of days and was feeling it.

Before Gordon's nap he did get the photos processed so I could post them to my blog. While he was doing that I sat outside and enjoyed some of the beautiful day and the lovely breeze and watched boats go back and forth on the Scugog River. I also took a walk around. There aren't any tenters today so was mostly able to walk along the shoreline.


  1. What a great family photo!! It's so fun being with family members, thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous7:29 pm

    I love seeing the annual cottage weekend pics and seeing everyone looking so well !!



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