Saturday, 16 August 2008

Good News, Remembering and Birthdays

Congratulations to Ian and Tracy, Gordon's son and his wife on the birth of their new daughter, Iris Olive born this evening around 7 p.m. I don't have any details, all I know is that her hair isn't red! This is grandchild #6 for us!

On a more sombre note today is the second anniversary of our poodle, Bib's passing. I still think of him often and miss him very much. This is still my very favourite photo of us the first year we were on the road.

Last night I was up for a while because of overeating and reflux disease. Let's hope I have the sense not to overdo it today.

Today was another cottage family day. We arrived just before noon stopping at the garage sale at their church. I had contributed one of our fold up bicycles and 2 helmets. The helmets were gone but the bike was still there. When we arrived we found that Nick and Becky had made it last night. I'm so glad they could make it. It doesn't seem the same without everyone in attendance.

After lunch we all went to do our own thing. My own thing was a nap and I slept a long time!

We had a nice steak dinner with baked potatoes and fresh corn and carrot cake and ice cream for dessert. Since I am 60 this year, I got to blow out the candles even though Margie's birthday comes before mine. I also got to open presents first. Here they are!

A diamond pendant from my sisters and their husbands.

I got flowers from Nick and Becky.

A corduroy jacket and t-shirt from Danica.

One of the gifts we gave Margie and John were two hummingbird pictures that Gordon took at the Museum in Arizona. We had them enlarged, printed and framed.

Today was quite a nice day with no rain. Too bad I slept most of it away.

We're both tired but still another cottage day tomorrow.

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