Thursday, 21 August 2008

Ladies' Days Part II

Betty picked me up around 10 a.m. today and we met Bonnie at Tim Horton's in Lindsay and had a coffee with her. So far so good on the coffee as I had decaf.

Our original plan had been to drive around Rice Lake which would have taken most of the day however Betty & Garth found out yesterday that a young woman that had spent a lot of time with Garth's daughters had passed away and the wake was only this afternoon with the funeral this evening so we canned the Rice Lake idea and just went shopping on Lindsay's main street, Kent Street. Betty and I do this yearly and I don't think either one of us has ever bought anything in the shops except maybe at a pharmacy. Their clothes are just too expensive even when on sale at half price and they aren't made for the bodies that we have today! So we just look.

We had lunch at a little restaurant that was kind of cute but unfortunately I didn't write the name down so I don't remember what it was called but the walls were painted red, they had pretty tablecloths, some red patterned, some yellow patterned and some orange patterned and interesting art on the walls. They are also a bakery. It was very cute and definitely a lady's place to eat. In the time we were there only one man came in and one young boy. But there were ladies of all ages. It was pretty good even though I only had a sandwich but Betty had Gazpacho soup with her sandwich and said it was excellent.

Lindsay has a very pretty downtown area with lots of old buildings.

After lunch we went into a couple more stores on Kent Street then Betty went back to the cottage to go to the wake with Garth. Bonnie drove me back to the RV park and Gordon and I gave her a tour of the RV. Then she took off for Toronto and I sat outside and read until this mosquito started bothering me so I came inside where I managed to have a nap! It's been a busy couple of days.

It was another beautiful sunny day today with a high of 28C (82F) but down by the water it's about 10 degrees cooler. Another day with little humidity!

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