Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday in Lindsay, ON

Today started out beautifully, bright sun, light breeze, warm temperatures but by afternoon we had dark skies, thunder and heavy rains off and on. We lost about 10 degrees during the rains.

This morning I piddled around and finally got out of here to go out and get groceries and various and sundry items. I left around 10:30 and got back after 2. The thing about Lindsay is that it's small enough that you don't waste fuel going to different stores to pick up sale items. Everything is within a couple of blocks. I also got some prints made of our yearly family photo for my sister for when I see her on Wednesday.

I made it back before the storm hit, managed to go to the campground showers to wash off the town and had been sitting in my chair reading for a while when I decided to go for a little walk. I stopped to chat with Phil and Sharon two doors down from us when the rain started so I had to run back to the RV. While I was sitting reading it was thundering and lots of boats were heading back to the marina however the guys playing horseshoes just kept playing. I don't know if they played all through the storm or not but that was the first thing we heard when the thunder let up. Let's hope they're smarter than that!

The storm's coming

While the storm was going on I got my monthly expense spreadsheet updated. We seem to be doing quite well this month.

This afternoon's rain

Around dinner time the rains really came down. It was almost like a hurricane except the wind wasn’t strong enough although it was windy.

Both the internet and TV satellites were down for a long time. Our satellites have been down more this summer than in all the time we’ve had them! The good news is that we’re supposed to be rain free until Saturday (fingers crossed)!

We had revolving thunderstorms all evening.


  1. That's a lot of rain. Send it here! There's a hurricane coming into Florida and looks like at the moment it's not even going to bring us rain, like first predicted. Stay dry and warm.

  2. We got a little bit of rain while we were on the tour today but not enough to worry about. I can't believe how much rain you've had all summer. Do you have gills or webbed feet yet?


  3. GEEEE we got some rain too. I was really Surprised that we have had that much. Keep it coming and break this heat wave.

    Joe and Sherri


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