Saturday, 8 December 2007

A Nice Relaxing Day

I woke this morning to rain on the roof so I stayed snuggled in for a while longer waiting to hear what the radio had to say about the weather. They didn't say anything! Unlike at home where the weather is constantly being updated, here now and then they'll give you the forecasted temperature for the day and that's about it. Eventually I got up just as Gordon was going out for photos. He told me there was a partial rainbow so I went out on the step to take a photo.

After suiting up I did my walk/run around the loop and then into the desert. Clouds were quite heavy over the mountain and now and then a peak of sun would brighten up a part of them.

The partial rainbow stayed around for a long time so I got more photos of it. It was also a partial double rainbow.

I met Gordon on my way back but there was an area of sun approaching so he decided to stay out to see if the sun would light up the mountains again. Well, he stayed out too long and it started to rain so he came hustling back. You don't realize how far out in the desert you are until you start coming back especially under those kinds of conditions.

The remainder of the day was spent reading and napping. Just before sunset there were some beautiful sunrays so I took this photo from our front yard.

I didn't get out to take photos of our new chairs though - another day!

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