Friday, 7 December 2007

4th Avenue Street Fair and Sentinel Peak Park AKA A Mountain

It was 60F (16C) this morning when I got up at 7:15 a.m. We had a high of 72F (22C) today under mostly sunny skies. Considering the forecast on Wednesday said heavy rain this afternoon, I figure we got off lucky!

This morning we had a conference call with our financial advisor in Ottawa. We hadn't gotten in to see him before we left Ottawa so he just wanted to let us know that things appear to be on the upswing and to enjoy ourselves.

With that under our belts, we headed off to the Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair which had been recommended to me by one of the chatrooms I hang around in called We spent nearly four hours there. They close the streets between 9th and University and put up tent type booths in the middle of the street. There was certainly lots of stuff but we only bought new chairs . They're called canopy chairs and I'll take a photo of them tomorrow as we got home late tonight and it was nearly dark. It was a bit of local color that we enjoyed and the crowd wasn't too bad today. I expect it will be terrible on the weekend. Lots of clowns making balloons and local music, a lot of it played by high school students and quite good at that.

We had lunch at Pancho Villa Grill and enjoyed some authentic Mexican music and food. It was quite good and we got to sit for a while.

After we left the Fair we were heading home, or so I thought, but instead while chasing a photo we ended up at the top of Sentinel Peak Park. You get a good panoramic view from all directions from here.

We returned through Saguaro National Park and Tucson Mountain Park taking lots of photos. I had hoped to see some critters since it was about that time of day but no such luck but we did see lots and lots of saguaro cactus!

You can just see the sun peeking out from the tops of the clouds on our way home along Bopp Road. We were just 'bopping along'. LOL.

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