Monday, 3 December 2007

We Meet the Wishnies!

This morning was bright and sunny with clear blue skies and 50F (10C). I went for my usual walk, first around the park, then around the desert. The park has equipment here this morning working on new sites. I thought it might be noisy but it wasn't too bad. I guess they're gearing up for the after Christmas rush!

When I bought my new MacBook, I found out that I can't write to the new hard drive that I bought last year in Aransas Pass as it's in the wrong format. To reformat, I'd have to clean it off and we don't have anything large enough to do that. So, I started researching new hard drives and came across a 500GB Seagate at Comp USA for $119.99. It even said the store here in Tucson had one in stock.

This afternoon we went to Comp USA and bought the hard drive so for the foreseeable future we have no storage problems! After that we took a drive to the Saguaro National Park East and visited the Visitor Center. We didn't go into the park due to time limitations.

I have been reading Fred and Jo Wishnie's blog since they started on their RV journey and today we got to meet them in person. We arrived at their RV at Voyager RV Resort in East Tucson about 4:00 p.m. We were immediately met by their little shih tzu, Boo Boo. What a cute little ball of energy she is! We sat and chatted in their RV for about 1 1/2 hours with Boo Boo keeping us company for much of that time until she started using Gordon's hand as a chew toy, then she got put on her leash for a while but we did get a photo of me with Boo Boo for Jenny!

We went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Zivaz. It's called a Fast Casual Restaurant which I guess means you order at the counter and pay and they bring you your meal. I thought the food was pretty good. We had a good time and I hope the Wishnies did too. It was great to finally meet them!

This is Fred & Jo at Zivaz.


  1. Sandra, isn't it fun to meet other travelers! I follow the Wishnies too, so really enjoyed your account of your meeting with them. Voyager is a big park, isn't it!

    Take Care,

  2. Hi Sandra,

    Nice blog :) Thanks for posting about our meeting. It was delightful to finally meet you in person. It was enjoyable for us as well. Hope to get together again before we both leave here.



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