Thursday, 6 December 2007

More Shopping and More Cactus Photos

Late yesterday afternoon I was lying on the couch reading my book when I heard a tweet tweet that was really close. I slowly made my way to the door and there was a Gila Woodpecker (pronounced Hila) on the bottom step of the RV. As soon as he saw me he took off and landed on the electrical post for the next RV site and then on into a small bush. No chance for photos!

I went to bed last night not feeling all that well and this morning I didn't have much energy.

This morning was already 55F (13C) when I got up. I got up a little later than usual. It was so warm and cozy in bed listening to the radio tell me that today's temperature would be around 76F (24C). However we are having a change of weather for the weekend. Rain is forecast for Friday and Saturday with possible rain on Sunday and Monday. So much for the Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair! We had planned to attend tomorrow before the rush on the weekend but heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow afternoon so we'll have to see what happens. Maybe we'll go, maybe not!

This morning I set out to do grocery shopping but decided to go to Target first to see if they had anything interesting. As usual I didn't buy anything. I rarely find anything I want or need there. I then stopped at Food City which is right next to Target hoping to pick up some rutabaga. They didn't have any. Last week when I was in this mall I saw a set of sheets that I wanted to replace the navy ones we have now that you can see through so I thought since Christmas is coming up I'd better get them before they were gone. So I now own a pair of burgundy almost red striped sheets. Now I just hope they fit! After all this excitement I headed to Walmart to get groceries and other needed items.

While there I started feeling unwell but kept on till I was done, then stopped at another Food City as I knew they had rutabaga. This Walmart never has them either, then stopped to mail some things and went home, unloaded groceries and lay down for 1 1/2 hrs. I still don't feel up to par, hopefully it will pass by tomorrow. We're just having a light soup dinner.

We did have another beautiful sunset tonight. The photos I took are from just outside the RV.

Here are more cactus photos I took at the Desert Museum on Tuesday.

Long Spined Prickly Pear

Pincushion CactusPorcupine Prickly Pear (looks like Mickey Mouse)

Prickly Pear

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