Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Back to the Desert Museum/November Expenses

We hadn't been at the Desert Museum for a few days so today we left home around 9:00 a.m. so we could be there and get a good spot for the Raptor Free Flight at 10:30 a.m. We also wanted to go through the Mineral cave so we made that our first stop. Here are some of the pretty rocks

We took our time getting up to the Raptor Free Flight area. There was no one there and it was after 10:00 a.m.! Shortly after we arrived the docent came out and said that their handler was sick today so there would be no free flight. Instead they brought out the barn owl and the docent did a little talk on him. We took a few photos of him but had seen him a couple of times before so instead we left and saw other parts of the park. We stopped at the cactus garden, the aviary and to see some of the other animals, some we had already seen but got better photos this time.

The Bighorn Sheep posed for us today.

This little prairie dog was munching on his breakfast.

This cactus wren was making a nest.

Here I am in my Safari hat that my sister gave to me.

I posted a photo of this cactus last week. It's called a Totem Pole Cactus.

I have no idea what these flowers are but they weren't there last week so must have come out with the rain.

By noon we were tired and hungry so came home for lunch and to rest. We had changed the bed this morning so I could get the laundry done this afternoon but first things first, a nap!

I also got the Expenses done for November:

Campgrounds - 449.34
Groceries/Wine/Spirits - 410.62
Laundry - 12.72
Entertainment/Parking/Rest. - 147.90 (includes $50 membership to Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum)
Truck Fuel - 696.54
Propane - 15.00
Repairs/Service RV/Truck - 61.56
Fixed Expenses - 357.10
Med/Dental - 0.00
Gifts & Misc - 227.82

Total - $2378.60

Our biggest expense this month was fuel for the truck. Other than that we've had no significant
expenses. We paid some high prices for campgrounds along the route west but also got a couple of pretty good deals and now are in a fairly reasonable campground. Our total for Campgrounds for the month will be plus electric from the 27th so that shouldn't amount to much and will probably just include it with December's total.

I just received communication from my sister that her mother-in-law passed away last evening. May she rest in peace.

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