Sunday, 9 December 2007

Some Manual Labor and Not Much Else

Rain on the roof again this morning so I stayed in bed later again. It was cloudy when I went for my walk but at least it didn't rain. I saw a little Gila Woodpecker on a saguaro and it let me get quite close but not close enough to get a good photo with my camera. Also this little barrel cactus was showing off its bright red spines. All the cacti in the desert seemed happy that it had rained.

Here are a couple of photos of the park that has yet to be developed. You can see our RV in the distance.

This is the gravel that the sites are made from. Some of the stones are really pretty.

It was cold for most of the day staying at 48F (9C) until the sun came out about mid afternoon, then warmed up to 55F (13C). I had been on the couch reading for most of the day so decided to go out and wash the front of the RV. It's a tedious job not because it takes so long but because things have to be rearranged in order to get the tools. The ladder is in the bottom of the storage area so everything has to be moved out, the truck has to be backed up as I use it to stand on to be able to reach the nose. Anyway, I got it done so it looks better. Now Gordon has to do the roof and we have the rest of the RV to wash. It has some pretty serious black streaks on it.

Not a very interesting day I'm afraid.

Shortly after 3 p.m. a motorhome came in only one spot away from us. That's the closest neighbor we've had since we've been here. We've been spoiled as we've had all around views however this is an RV park after all!

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