Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday July 5, 2009

Gordon was up and out at the crack of dawn today and it netted results! He also saw a bear and both were just outside the RV park. To see the bear, click here. He had just cross that bridge on foot, turned around and there he was.

Here moosey moosey

The last couple of nights have been chilly. The furnace has even been running.

It was a lovely sunny morning 10C (50F). A beautiful temperature for a walk and too chilly for bugs!

The beautiful Magpie River from the campground. I never tire of this scene.

A stand of daisies along the river

Some iris growing in the swamp

White birch at park entrance

Late this morning and the early part of the afternoon I took advantage of the laundry facilities next to us and got three loads of laundry done. We're scheduled to leave here tomorrow but something tells me we might be here a while longer......but just in case, the laundry is done and ready!

By early afternoon the skies had clouded over again and the wind came up. Sounded like a good time for a nap.....The rain started around 4 p.m. Looks like it will be here for a couple of days. Our high was only about 12C (54F) today.

Here are a couple of interesting links for those of you that are selling your house and downsizing.

Prepare your house for market, click here.

Pitch, Pile or File, click here.

The links are for Canadians but I think the info provided will carry through no matter where you live.


  1. Amazing pics of the moose and bear! I'm glad Gordon didn't have a run in with the bear.

  2. Thanks for the tips - it will come in handy when we put our house up for sale next June.


  3. I love the moose pics! Maybe if I start the moosey call, I'll see one too! I also appreciate the tips links.


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