Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wednesday July 8, 2009 - From Terrace Bay, ON

I took this photo of the Wawa Goose last night when we were out.

This morning we headed north with just the truck leaving the RV to fend for itself in Wawa. The plan was to go to Marathon about 2 1/2 hrs away and stay overnight in a motel.

We stopped at Pukaskwa National Park just south of Marathon on the way. I walked part of a trail but not being part mountain goat I don't like trails that go over big rocks so I went back to the Visitor Centre and waited for Gordon. It was a pretty spot.

Hatties Cove

Trail over rocks

Wood lily

We drove around Marathon and found a couple of scenic spots overlooking Lake Superior but decided to continue northwest. We stopped at Neys Campground where we had planned to stay if we had brought the RV. It's a Passport America park but only 15 amp service. The park isn't much. Right across the road is Neys Provincial Park. They also have campsites that have electric but no water. Wonder who thought that one up? Anyway, there were some pretty sites down by the water where we could see the satellites if we ever decide to come back.

Note the driftwood on the beach at Marathon

Prisoner's Cove at Ney's Provincial Park

Pretty scene along the way

On we went and stopped at Terrace Bay. We drove to a couple of the beaches on Lake Superior, then stopped at the Tourist Bureau, found a motel with wifi, had dinner at the motel's restaurant (wouldn't recommend it) and then drove to the Aguasabon Falls & river gorge which is just outside Terrace Bay. Unfortunately the falls are at an odd angle and hard to photograph and the trail that would have been a better viewing area was closed.

Terrace Bay Beach


On to Screiber beach. Screiber is a little town about 10 min. from Terrace Bay and we were told that they had just redone their beach area so away we went. It was only 8 p.m. at that point but we were both wiped out so we took some photos and came back to the motel. I just couldn't wait 1 1/2 hrs for sunset tonight!

Pre-sunset at Screiber beach

Sorry, too tired to go into a lot of detail. It was a very full day and we saw lots of beautiful scenery.....but no moose!

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