Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday July 11, 2009

Gordon has done a synopsis of mini-vacation this week, to read it click here.

We went out last night for sunset but it was too foggy. We did get some nice fog photos though.

Although it was cloudy this morning when I went for my walk the clouds soon dissipated and the sun came out but it did remain cool. We just piddled around this morning on the computer.

After lunch we set out to tour some of the back roads around here. Most of the back roads are gravel, some in better shape than others. In fact, I've been on more gravel roads in the last two weeks than I have been since we started our odyssey nearly five years ago.

Gordon then suggested we drive to Potholes Provincial Park which is down Hwy 101 where we were a couple of weeks ago only it was raining off and on so away we went and managed to find it again even though the signage was inaccurate.

One of the potholes

Lots of rocks


A little falls

It is a very special spot. No traffic noise, just the sound of rushing water and wind in the trees along with our footsteps. There was no one else there. I could spend some time there, it would be lovely for a picnic sitting on the rocks, very peaceful and as Doug and JoAnn would say 'spiritual'.

"This nature reserve east of Wawa gets its name from glacial potholes and troughs scooped out of bedrock forming the riverbed of the Kiniwabi River."

We had a great afternoon!


  1. The way you describe it makes one feel you're there. Thanks for taking us with you on a "quiet time".

  2. That pothole looks more like a cave, I wonder what was living in there?
    Lovely peaceful place, thank you.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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