Monday, 6 July 2009

Monday July 6, 2009

Today was cloudy, cool and rainy. I started out for my walk and realized it was raining lightly so back to the RV for my rain/wind pants. Good thing too because the rain picked up while I was out.

We were in a quandry this morning about what to do. Our week was up today here at the Wawa RV Resort & Campground so we had to make the do we go or do we stay decision. The weather has been less than great since we've been here but it's been that way all over Ontario so, we decided to stay and signed up for another week.

This afternoon we drove in to Wawa and took some photos of Lake Wawa.

It was only 11C (52F) today but these kids were out in the Lake

Beautiful Lake Wawa

Downtown Wawa - not much to it!

As well, we went to the grocery store. Although food is more expensive here, the store doesn't have the selection that a large city supermarket would have so I actually think I spend less. People give you really strange looks though when you ask for gluten-free things. They don't have lunch meat in packages so today I went to the deli counter and told the girl I needed gluten-free lunch meat. She said "I don't know what that is". So I asked about her ham and told her if I could read the label, I would be able to tell so I found some Schneider's ham that looks like it will do the job. Hopefully I have enough to get us through the week. Lucky for me though they do have 1% Lactose free milk! That's often hard to find up here even in a supermarket. They always have skim and 2%.

That's about it for our day....we might go out for sunset if it looks like the skies are clearing.

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  1. I hope you have a week free of rain. I'm glad you're staying, you sound like it's very enjoyable, and you're in no hurry to go anywhere else.


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