Saturday, 4 July 2009

Saturday July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July to our U.S. neighbours!

After I posted my blog last night we decided to go out for sunset. The plan had been to go east on Hwy 101 out of Wawa. First we stopped at the Visitor Centre to check out the view there for sunset. While there we looked at a map posted outside and discovered Michipicoten River Village and what looked like a road that we could get to Lake Superior. Wawa is slightly inland from the Lake and we thought we'd have to go south to Lake Superior Provincial Park to get a view.

Note - you can click on the photos to make them larger.

Since Michipicoten River Village is quite a bit closer we decided to check it out and other than the pretty bad gravel road, the views were awesome! There is a falls on the way called Silver Falls which apparently consists of three waterfalls but we could only see one from the road (it's the second falls. You could hear the third falls but not see it.

Silver Falls (2nd falls)

The Government Dock Beach has awesome views for sunset and there is also an overlook but there are a lot of trees around as we've found is usual for lookouts.

This photo was taken from the lookout

We stayed at the Government Dock Beach for sunset. Amazingly beautiful! I think this sunset was as pretty as the one we saw at Joshua Tree National Park in California in 2005.

Waves crashing on the shore at Government Dock Beach


We stayed till the sun set. I sure was glad I had my gloves with me! It was chilly!

I got up around 8 a.m. today and the temperature was only 7C (45F). By 10 a.m. it still was only 9C (49F) but the sun was starting to come out and the cloud and mist from my morning walk were history. I had to wear my heavier jacket and gloves this morning - on the 4th of July! Where is that Global Warming anyway?

After the fog burned off this morning we had a bright blue cloudless sky so we set out to see what we could see. We went to Magpie High Falls again and to Silver Falls where we found a road that took us to a view of the third Silver Falls.

Scenic Magpie High Falls

Silver Falls (3rd Falls)

We drove on south looking for the entrance to the Michipicoten Post Provincial Park. There was once a Hudson's Bay Trading Post at this location. We could not find the road, no signs, no nothing. As we had driven quite far south by this point we decided to go to Old Woman Bay again and take some photos with blue sky. Gordon was hoping for some fog in the photo but no luck.

Old Woman Bay beach

However as we were heading back toward Wawa you could see the fog rolling in and it started to get cloudy. We drove down to the Government Dock Beach again as well as Sandy Beach (we were there last night but there was a couple there who had a tent and a fire going so we left). This time it was deserted.

Wow, blue sky!

And blue sky with fog rolling in

Fog over the hills

Sandy beach

Fog at Government Dock Beach

Wild rose bud

Silver Falls trail

New shoots on the evergreen trees

A daisy in the clover

On our way home we stopped at Young's General Store in Wawa just to see what was there. It was mostly overpriced stuff 'Made in China' so we passed on buying anything but it's nice to browse around. They did have some interesting stuff on the front porch.

Old coke machine on the front porch of Young's General Store

Moose on the front porch of the store

We then continued to the grocery store as Gordon wanted hamburgers and I didn't have any in stock.

Once home, we both had naps, then I made some stew and Gordon cooked his burgers on the BBQ.

From there, home for a rest. It was bright and sunny again here at the RV park. It's amazing to see the fog roll in so quickly and then you're socked in cloud. There's no fog on the ground just in the sky. Interesting!

By the way, our high today was only 13C (55F).

Thanks to everyone who commented and gave me ideas for my sausage casserole recipe. I'll try it next time.


  1. Those pictures are spectacular.. What a beautiful place to spend some time....

  2. The one with the waves crashing is spectacular! Thanks!

  3. Beautiful sunset pictures!

  4. What a scenic area to visit, Would love to spend some time up there.


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