Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday July 26, 2009

Today was another cloudy day with some rain and some sunny breaks. I managed my walk without getting wet although once it seemed like it was going to rain but I was back in the tent sites and it might have just been the water off the trees.

After breakfast I did the vacuuming, then I cleaned out our filing cabinet (which doubles as our coffee table) and I have a bunch of stuff to burn in the fire pit when it stops raining long enough. I also updated our financial spreadsheet.

We'll have to wait a while - this is what our firepit looks like.

I had settled down to read this afternoon when the sun came out and Gordon suggested we go into Orillia so I could learn where the stores are that I need to go to for groceries. Luckily the major stores are in one area just off the freeway. At Bulk Barn, I got some licorice pipes. I just love them!

After that was done we headed down to the waterfront to find some parks to get some photos.

Clouds over Lake Couchiching

The boardwalk

A wooden sailboat

We took the scenic route back rather than the freeway. There were quite a few picturesque barns on the route.

When we got back we had quite a little thunderstorm and lots of heavy rain.

I have posted before in my blog about Tim and Robyn. Last year Robyn was badly burned in an accident in her home. She passed away this week after a lot of pain and a long fight. Our sympathies are with Tim in his grief. Howard has put up the announcement on the rv-dreams forum. Click here.

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  1. I really enjoyed the great pics - nice job. So sorry to hear about your friend Robyn.


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